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The Girlfriends' Cyber Circuit presents Laurie Stolarz!

Hyperion Books, December 2007
Hardcover $15.95
ISBN 9780786838561
Ages 12+

Breaking in was easy. Getting out will be harder.

High atop Hathorne Hill, near Boston, sits Danvers State Hospital. Built in 1878 and closed in 1992, this abandoned mental institution is rumored to be the birthplace of the lobotomy. Locals have long believed the place to be haunted. They tell stories about the unmarked graves on the premises, of the cold spots felt throughout the underground tunnels, and of the treasures found inside: patients' personal items like journals, hair combs, and bars of soap, or even their old medical records, left behind by the state for trespassers to view.

On the eve of the hospital's demolition, six teens break in to spend the night and film a movie about their adventures. For Derik, it's an opportunity to win a filmmaking contest and save himself from a future of flipping burgers at his parents' diner. For the others, it's a chance to be on TV, or a night with no parents. But what starts as a playful dare quickly escalates into a frenzy of nightmarish action. Behind the crumbling walls, down every dark passageway, and in each deserted room, they will unravel the mysteries of those who once lived there and the spirits who still might.

Check out the Book Trailer for Project 17, made by Mike Dijital:

Check out this Fan-created Book Trailer for Project 17, made by M2 Productions:

Jenn: Do you write full-time?

Laurie: Yes, I write full-time. I’m also a full-time mom. I used to supplement writing with teaching. I taught writing and French. I still love French and use it whenever I can, including in my books.

Jenn: How did you make the transition to writing full-time?

Laurie: I had two kids. :)

Jenn: Where do you write?

Laurie: In a corner of our refinished basement. But, we just put a new addition on our home and my real office is coming along. We just had the drywall put up.

Jenn: What makes you happiest about writing?

Laurie: The most satisfying is the editing process. I love reworking, cutting, making connections, refining – all in an effort to bring the work where it needs to be. The least satisfying part is the first draft. I find this the toughest – churning out the pages. The fun of writing for me is in the rewrite.

Jenn: Give us a run-down on all your books. How do you see this new book fitting into the work you’ve produced so far?

Laurie: My four-book Blue is for Nightmares series focuses on Stacey Brown, a 16-year-old practicing Wiccan who experiences premonitions. My next book Bleed explores chance and coincidence and the way even the small decisions we make can influence the lives of others, sometimes unintentionally. Bleed has a haunting quality, showing how the lives of ten teens intersect over the course of a single day. Project 17 is my scariest book, incorporating elements of suspense and dark humor, like my other titles. I’m really excited about it.

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