February 10th, 2013

Starting over.

I have four books coming out with Simon & Schuster this year. If you like countdown clocks, you can snag clocks for three of these books on the bottom left of my web site here. One of them says Star Crossed will be published in 15 days!!! I ought to be freaking out.

But I'm not. I feel like I covered that territory in the last two and a half months, when I swear I had seven deadlines, but I can't even remember now what they all were. The big one was for the manuscript of my YA romantic comedy that's coming out next year. But there was also an outline for the second book in that series, the first pass of Levitating Las Vegas, the copyedit of Dirty Little Secret, maybe the second pass of Star Crossed...I just don't know anymore. I know that it was fun. I know that this was exactly what I wanted all those years when I envied my writer friends who had multiple book contracts and deadlines whizzing by them so fast that they always stayed busy while I was writing two books a year, publishing one, putting the other underneath the bed, and spending most of my work day copyediting articles about nasal polyps. And I know that, in the throes of meeting deadlines while managing Christmas and a child home on break and a holiday dinner for 35 relatives, this got to be a little much.

And now, predictably, I miss it. Don't get me wrong--I have lots to do. I have to go back to contract on almost everything, which means I have to come up with ideas for new books in the Star Crossed and Levitating Las Vegas series, and a completely new book to come after Dirty Little Secret, because none of my YA romantic dramas are series. It's hard to come up with something when you can do absolutely anything. I'm finding the silence a bit deafening.

get-attachment-1.aspxAs Scarlett said, I'll think of that tomorrow. Right now I'm enjoying a bit of languishing. Friday I had lunch with my beautiful lawyer friend, one of my BFFs from high school, who was also a majorette and gave me pointers on The One That I Want. That's just how it works, folks--if you helped me write The One That I Want, you get a free copy of Star Crossed. Yesterday I tried to get my yard back in order after four inches of snow knocked down lots of my sissy Alabama trees. I planted bushes. I also explored Birmingham with my son: a cool hike to an abandoned mine at Ruffner Mountain, coffee at Urban Standard, and American Pickers-style rummaging for treasures at What's on Second. Today I'm cleaning?! and planning family vacations. But I do hope my muse got my message to meet me here for a business meeting tomorrow.


None of my pictures of Ruffner Mountain do it justice. Here we are WAY out in the woods, surrounded by nothing but steep hills, forest, and blue sky, and then there is this gorgeous 15-ton rock crusher. As my son put it, "Nature, la la la, nature, la la la, ROCK CRUSHER."

And these are around the corner from Urban Standard and What's on Second.



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