July 12th, 2012

The Girlfriends' Cyber Circuit presents Denise Jaden!

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I'm so happy to share a book birthday (not to mention an awesome editor) with my friend and fellow Simon Pulse author Denise Jaden! Leave a comment on this post and you're entered to win one of four boxes of books. Details here!


From the author of Losing Faith, a novel about two sisters and the eating disorder that threatens to destroy their family.

Loann’s always wanted to be popular and pretty like her sister, Claire. So when Claire’s ex-boyfriend starts flirting with her, Loann is willing to do whatever it takes to feel special…even if that means betraying her sister.

But as Loann slips inside Claire’s world, she discovers that everything is not as it seems. Claire’s quest for perfection is all-consuming, and comes at a dangerous price. And Loann is frightened she could lose the sister she’s always idolized.

As Claire increasingly withdraws from friends and family, Loann struggles to understand her and make amends. Can she heal their relationship—and her sister—before it’s too late?

Jenn: What’s your favorite gizmo advertising your book?

Jenn: How does this book fit in with your others? Is it part of a series, unrelated but the same sort of book, or a real departure?

denisejadenprDenise: Like Losing Faith, my debut novel, Never Enough is also a young adult contemporary novel, but it is not part of a series and is unrelated. They have a similar tone, both deal with family issues and grief, yet both include some light moments and humor.

Jenn: What’s the weirdest thing you were doing or the weirdest place you were when you came up with part of this book?

Denise: I don’t know if this is "weird," but I strolled the hallway of my old high school while in the midst of writing my first draft, to get the feel of it again. I took some notes and pictures, got some strange looks. You know, the usual. :)

Jenn: What good books have you read lately?

Denise: Oh, SO MANY great books! The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard, and Zero by Tom Leveen, to name a few.

Jenn: What’s next for you?

Denise: I’m working on another YA contemporary romance/mystery, tentatively titled Foreign Exchange. It’s about a girl who sneaks off of her class trip in Europe, along with her crush, to find her missing best friend.

Jenn: Which sounds SO AWESOME. Thanks for visiting, Denise, and best of luck with your release and your future writing!