December 9th, 2011

Public Shame Writing Challenge day 8--last goal, make it count!

I said I would finish revising chapter 1 yesterday and I didn't. I did, however, write a lot of the new chapter 1 and parts of other chapters too, mostly in purple pen, which I have the pleasure of typing up this morning. Shame asked me on a date and I said yes, but then I didn't have time to go with him so I stood him up.

Over the weekend I need to revise the first half of this book. NO PROBLEM

Now you:

1. Who you are
2. What sort of book you're writing
3. THE MOST IMPORTANT PART, because this is a writing community: cheers and well wishes for the person who posted right above you
4. How many words you said you would write on day 8
5. How many words you actually wrote on day 8 (NO EXCUSES--you did or you didn't)
6. How many words you're going to write on days 9, 10, and 11. Our last check-in is on Monday, so make sure this is a goal that you can achieve and that you can be proud of.