December 5th, 2011

Public Shame Writing Challenge days 2, 3, and 4

I said I would write 3000 words over the weekend and I wrote very little. I am trying to shut down STAR CROSSED in my brain while I open SUCH A RUSH again to revise it, and I am not doing a good job so far. Switching is hard for me.

I hate gelatinous goals but I have one for today: to figure out what the revision is going to be and get my head into it. The revision is due before Christmas.

I'm still going to revise this book, write a new proposal, and finish writing STAR CROSSED by January 15. I find December to be a really productive time of year, despite that fact that I have relatives to see and my son will be home from school. Maybe this is because it's so dark out, and Alabama is beautiful at this time of year in a desolate way that I find romantic. I wrote all of MAJOR CRUSH in December 2004, and that was before I had deadlines.

I do think I'll shut down the PSWC over the holidays, though, for the period my son is out of school: December 21 to January 4. Judging from the response on day 1, I'm wondering if there's waning interest anyway as the holidays near. But if everybody wanted to, we could pick it back up on January 5, when everybody is supercharged.

How about you?

1. Who you are
2. What sort of book you're writing
3. THE MOST IMPORTANT PART, because this is a writing community: cheers and well wishes for the person who posted right above you
4. How many words you said you would write on days 2, 3, and 4
5. How many words you actually wrote on days 2, 3, and 4 (NO EXCUSES--you did or you didn't)
6. How many words you're going to write on day 5