November 15th, 2011

Exciting news!

We interrupt this National Novel Writing Month for a couple of special announcements. First, the e-book version of The One That I Want will go on sale only three weeks from today, on December 6! You can pre-order it for Kindle or Nook. If you prefer a paperback, it will be in stores on February 7. You can pre-order it now from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Second, thanks to your votes, Love Story has made it to the next round of the Goodreads Choice Awards! The voting starts over now, so I would really appreciate it if you took the time to vote again. I'm grateful for your support.

And now...I think I pledged to write 3000 words today.

NaNoWriMo day 15

I am Jennifer Echols and I am writing an adult romance called STAR CROSSED. I said I would write 3000 words today and I wrote 3024! I am so happy! I also did a lot of Very Hard Thinking. I can go to bed with a clear conscience and no shame, IF YA KNOW WHAT I MEAN. Tomorrow I will write another 3000.

How about you?
1. Who you are
2. What sort of book you're writing
3. THE MOST IMPORTANT PART, because this is a writing community: cheers and well wishes for the person who posted right above you
4. How many words you said you would write on day 15
5. How many words you actually wrote on day 15 (NO EXCUSES--you did or you didn't)
6. How many words you're going to write on day 16