November 1st, 2011

NaNoWriMo day 1

I'm Jennifer Echols and I usually write YA. During NaNoWriMo I'm writing STAR CROSSED, my adult romance debut with Pocket Books.

Pledged for today: 1667 words

Wrote today: 1704 words WOO-HOO

Pledge for tomorrow: The Birmingham NaNo leader, Jared Millet, says it's better to go for 2000 per day than the 1667 you need on average, because that way you'll have a buffer if something comes up. I think that's smart so I'm writing 2000 tomorrow.

Now you. If you're coming late, please join us! Just remember there is NO WHINING on this blog. Also, if you post about what you're going to write and then you don't come back to tell us what happened, we ***might*** make fun of you a little bit.

Please post:
1. Who you are
2. What sort of book you're writing
3. THE MOST IMPORTANT PART, because this is a writing community: cheers and well wishes for the person who posted right above you
4. How many words you said you would write on day 1
5. How many words you actually wrote on day 1 (NO EXCUSES--you did or you didn't)
6. Edited to add--sorry I forgot this part!--how many words you're going to write on day 2

LOVE STORY gets fancy

LOVE STORY has been nominated for a Goodreads Choice Award in YA Fiction! Many thanks to my readers who enjoyed the book and took the time to post about it or tell a friend. I have said it before and I will say it again: I would be nowhere without you.

You get to choose the winner of this award! Click on the link below to vote.


Vote now for your favorite books!
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