October 13th, 2011

The Girlfriends' Cyber Circuit presents Kristina Springer!

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Jamie Edwards has loved everything about growing up on a pumpkin patch, but ever since her cousin Milan Woods arrived, things have really stunk. Jamie can’t imagine it was easy for Milan to leave her life back in Los Angeles and move to Average, Illinois, population one thousand. But it’s kind of hard to feel sorry for her since (a) Milan’s drop-dead gorgeous; (b) she’s the daughter of two of Hollywood’s hottest film stars; (c) she’s captured the attention of everyone in town, including Danny, Jamie’s crush since forever; and (d) she’s about to steal the title of Pumpkin Princess right out from underneath Jamie!

Jennifer: My July release, Love Story, is set in a creative-writing class. Did you ever take a class like that, and what was your experience?

Kristina: I took one in grad school and thought I was awful at creative writing! I thought everyone else was much better than me. When I stopped trying to fit the teacher’s expectations and wrote what I wanted to write, it came much easier.

Jennifer: My heroine longs to be a novelist. Was your journey to publication filled with longing? Quick and easy? How did you make it?

Kristina: Nothing in this business seems quick or easy now :) but my first sale did happen pretty fast. I wrote The Espressologist in the late summer/fall of 2006, got an agent in April of 2007, and it went to auction and sold in May of 2007. Then two and a half years later it released.

Jennifer: In one of my creative-writing classes, I was taught never to write about writing. Oh well. Were you taught this too? Are there other writing rules you were taught that you still remember and either follow or throw out the window?

Kristina: No, I never heard that one! I was told to never write at the end that you woke up and the whole book was just a dream. Unless you want to irritate your readers.

Jennifer: What good books have you read lately?

Kristina: I’m reading Peony in Love by Lisa See right now. Loved her Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.

Jennifer: When readers tell you they’ve read and loved all your books and they want recommendations for similar books to read now, what do you say?

Kristina: Check out Meg Cabot, Lauren Myracle, Rhonda Stapleton, Kristin Walker, and Mandy Hubbard.

Jennifer: What’s next for you?

Kristina: Right now my newest YA book, THE PAPARAZZI PROJECT, is on submission. This was a super fun book to write and I think any tabloid loving teen will love it.

For the latest on Kristina's books, check out her web site at kristinaspringer.com.