September 26th, 2011


After all that gnashing of my teeth yesterday...happy news! The One That I Want will still be published as an e-book, as originally planned. The release date has been moved up a few weeks, though, so instead of December 20, it will probably be December 6 or 13. I will let you know when they tell me for sure.

But the best news is that now it will also be available in stores as a paperback on February 7! I was really worried about the people who don't have e-readers, because I didn't want to seem like I was turning my back on you guys. Problem solved.

I'm so happy and relieved--not only because more people will be able to read the book now, but also because the publisher caught me before I finished my Widgetbox ad with the wrong dates! I will finish it up when I get all the info, and you can tell me whether I should be doing this myself or I should hire a pro from now on.