September 2nd, 2011

All growed up: click to see!

I am writing adult romance now! This deal actually went through last week, but I was so involved with my July 2012 YA novel, Such a Rush, that I didn't have time to be excited. Yesterday I turned the book in, and it's excitement time! I will be writing two adult contemporary romances for Pocket Books, which is the parent arm of the publisher for my YA romantic dramas, MTV Books. So I will actually have the same editor for all of these books, the brilliant Lauren McKenna.

This is not a move away from YA for me. In 2004, when I decided to make another big push to get published (and this time there was a wondrous new invention called the Internet to help me!), I noticed that a lot of romance authors published in two genres--historical and paranormal, for instance. That gave them variety, security, and more books to write! I saw that several authors of adult contemporary romance were also writing YA: Nicole Burnham/Niki Burnham, Alesia Holliday/Jax Abbott/Alyssa Day. That was my goal too. By 2005, I had an adult contemporary romance and a YA contemporary romance making the rounds of publishers. My agent and I thought it would be great if both sold, but we had our hopes pinned on the adult. The YA, Major Crush, sold instead.

All this time I have been working diligently on the YA half of my career, but I have felt that the adult half was waiting in the wings. And finally, here is her cue! The details of these books are really up in the air right now, which means the possibilities are endless, and that is a happy place to be.

So I am going to spend my Labor Day weekend relaxing, reading, doing an awful lot of post-deadline cleaning, and thinking about what my next few books will be. I hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday too!