August 17th, 2011

DOUBLE DATE finally has a title!

I've gotten bad news and good news in the last few weeks. The super-sad news is that my editor, Jennifer Heddle, is leaving MTV Books. Here we are having a great time together at the RWA conference last month. She has been my editor the longest and has edited the most books for me (Going Too Far, Forget You, and Love Story), so I am devastated to be losing her.

On the bright side, in her new job she will be editing Star Wars books for Lucasfilms. She is a pop culture junkie and a Star Wars fiend, and as I told her, it's like this job was made for her. So I am trying not to be too sad. Or panic. Jen and I had worked together enough that I knew what she would and wouldn't like in a book. Now I don't know who will be editing Such a Rush. I have a lot of uncertainty. But the other folks at MTV Books have been really good to me, too. Several of them must have gotten up at 4 in the morning a few weeks ago to hand out copies of Love Story at the American Idol concert in Central Park. They have lots of brilliant, seasoned editors on their roster. I an trying to look at this change as a new chapter.

*huge sniffle*

The good news is that I finally have a new title for Double Date, also known as "the majorette book"! My romantic comedies are published by a different division of Simon & Schuster called Simon Pulse, and I have a new editor over there too--Annette Pollert, who is also the editor for Jeri Smith-Ready's wonderful Shade series. My last editor did not seem to mind the Double Date title, though I knew the title might not stand because it had to get through marketing. But Annette wanted something more sophisticated to reflect the beautiful photographic covers and the new direction the Simon Pulse Romantic Comedies are taking. We tossed ideas around for several months. I whined to my critique partners. Finally, at football practice Monday night, I came up with The One That I Want and e-mailed it to Annette with the subject line, "Perfect title!" Because it is. She e-mailed me back, "Toss those batons in the air—we have a winner! The One That I Want it is." Because she is adorable like that.

So! In The One That I Want, Gemma and her friend Addison are at majorette camp when Gemma spots Max across the field at football camp. Gemma sees him first and feels like she is finally going to get flirty with a guy who "gets" her--but he asks out Addison instead. WHAT??? And then, because Addison's mom won't let her go out without Gemma, Addison insists that Gemma go out with Max's friend Carter. I think those feelings of not wanting to betray your friend but ooooooooooooooh really liking her boyfriend are going to be familiar to a lot of people. Annette has started reading it and says she's enjoying it [WIN!!!], and I will be able to show you the gorgeous cover soon, whenever they plant the new title on it.

In the meantime, I'm finishing Such a Rush and getting lost inside my head on a South Carolina beach.
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