July 21st, 2011

Love Story giveaways!

The romantic comedy Friends with Benefits starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis opens tomorrow, and I'm thrilled that three theaters are giving away copies of Love Story!

Showcase Cinemas, Warwick Mall, Warwick, RI

Showcase Cinemas Randolph, Randolph, Mass

Springdale 18 Cinema De Lux, Springdale, Ohio

Each theater is giving away 500 books until they run out. But let me tell you a little story. Last Friday I got a rare opportunity to sneak out of the house to see Bridesmaids. I looked up the theater and the 8 p.m. showing online, drove all the way over there in time to fight the Harry Potter crowd...and Bridesmaids was CANCELED! and replaced with A TWENTY-SEVENTH SHOWING OF HARRY POTTER! I gaped at the box office dude for quite a few minutes and gave him the hairy eyeball, but that did not bring Bridesmaids back. What I am telling you is that if you are planning to go to one of these theaters and see Friends with Benefits and snag a copy of Love Story, call ahead to make sure. There was a disclaimer on my theater's web site that said "Movie showings subject to change without notice," and there OUGHT to be a disclaimer on this blog that says "Jennifer is kind of vague on this."

Also. More kind book bloggers have posted giveaways of Love Story and other prizes, so check them out!

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You can see the past giveaways here and here (or just scroll down this blog), and many of those are still going on. Fingers crossed!