July 19th, 2011

Love Story hits the shelves today!

Happy release day to me! Love Story appears in bookstores and Kroger today!

It was almost exactly five years ago today when my first book, Major Crush, hit the shelves. I had been looking forward to that day for more than half my life. I was so excited. And when the day came...well...the book was about a marching band, and I rather expected some random band to wander down my street and spell HOORAY on my front lawn. They didn’t. Nothing happened. It was a big let-down. I cheered up later in the week, but on that particular day...Going Too Far was long finished and I’m pretty sure I hadn’t started writing The Boys Next Door yet, so I probably spent the day wandering aimlessly around my house and copyediting medical articles about nasal polyps.

Love Story is set in a creative writing class. By now I know better than to expect E. M. Forster to rise from the grave and give me his Aspects of the Novel lectures in person as a book birthday present. (Which is a shame. I picture Forster as such a gentleman, so very polite, with a rich British accent, in a suit with a subtle plaid running through it, and wearing a delicious, spicy, old-man cologne, but I am making that up because I love his books. Maybe he was stinky.) Nothing special is going to happen to me on this day. If my novel sells well, I won’t know for at least a week.

The day hasn’t changed, but I have. Five years ago I appreciated being published because it had taken me so much time and effort to get there. Now I appreciate still being published even more. I am going to spend this day just as I should--writing--and I am going to enjoy every second.

Of course, I would have no writing career without the kind book bloggers who have helped publicize my work. Lots of them are giving away Love Story and other prizes. The links from last week are here (or just scroll down two entries on this blog), and here are the newer links:

Book sites

Anna Reads: copies of Love Story, Forget You, and Going Too Far

Love YA Lit: copies of Love Story, Forget You, and Going Too Far

The Perpetual Page-Turner: 2 copies of Love Story

Emily's Reading Room: 2 copies of Love Story

Girls Just Reading: 2 copies of Love Story

Other sites

Teen Spot: a copy of Love Story and a Kate Spade journal

Go win some books! And have a great day, and don’t forget to enjoy it.