July 13th, 2011

Let's win this thing!

Love Story is available from Amazon and Barnesandnoble.com already! But in preparation for the book’s debut in stores next Tuesday the 19th, many kind people at book blogs and other web sites are giving away copies of the book, Forget You, Going Too Far, and a Kate Spade journal to write your own novel! (I love being associated with this woman, even if in brand name only.) If you want to snag some of this swag, here’s a partial list, and I’ll keep posting as I get more links:

Book sites

Goodreads: 30 copies of Love Story

YA Bibliophile: 2 copies of Love Story

Overflowing Shelf: 2 copies of Love Story

Chica Reader: 2 copies of Love Story

Books at Midnight: 1 copy of Love Story

Naughty Book Kitties: copies of Love Story, Forget You, and Going Too Far

Books, Sweets, and Other Treats: copies of Love Story, Forget You, and Going Too Far

Other sites

Teen Hollywood: a copy of Love Story and a Kate Spade journal

My Jelly Bean: 4 copies of Love Story and 1 Kate Spade journal

Now here is where it gets even cooler. Are you looking forward to the movie Friends with Benefits starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis? ME TOO. Sexy romantic comedies are my very favorite. And if you see it on opening weekend starting July 22 at Showcase Cinemas, Warwick Mall, Warwick, RI; Showcase Cinemas Randolph, Randolph, Mass; or Springdale 18 Cinema De Lux, Springdale, Ohio, you can snag a copy of Love Story just for showing up! Each theater is giving away 500 books until they run out, so do me a favor and give Justin some love.

So! Your job this week is try to win a free copy of this thing. My job this week is to pretend this is not going on and forge ahead with writing The Book Formerly Known as Double Date, which is due on August 1. Let’s check in next week and see how we did.