June 10th, 2011

The Girlfriends' Cyber Circuit presents Jessica Brody!

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Okay, maybe that was a bit melodramatic, but I’m sorry, I’m feeling a bit melodramatic at the moment.

Here’s the deal. My name is Brooklyn Pierce, I’m fifteen years old, and I am decisionally challenged. Seriously, I can’t remember the last good decision I made. I can remember plenty of crappy ones though. Including that party I threw when my parents were out of town that accidentally burned down a model home. Yeah, not my finest moment, for sure.

But see, that’s why I started a blog. To enlist readers to make my decisions for me. That’s right. I’m gave up. Threw in the towel. I let someone else be the one to decide which book I read for English. Or whether or not I accepted an invitation to join the debate team from that cute-in-a-dorky-sort-of-way guy who gave me the Heimlich Maneuver in the cafeteria. (Note to self: Chew the melon before swallowing it.) I even let them decide who I dated!

Well, it turns out there are some things in life you simply can’t choose or have chosen for you—like who you fall in love with. And now everything’s more screwed up than ever.

But don’t take my word for it, read the book and decide for yourself. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll scream in frustration. Or maybe that’s just me. After all, it’s my life.

Jenn: What’s your favorite gizmo advertising your book? (Please attach to this e-mail or send the code. It could be a soundtrack, a countdown clock, a book trailer, etc. You can skip this question if you don’t like gizmos!)

Jessica: My book trailer!

Jenn: My July release, Love Story, is set in a creative-writing class. Did you ever take a class like that, and what was your experience?

Jessica: Actually, no. I really want to someday, though. I did take a lot of language classes in high school and college. And things can get pretty interesting when you’re speaking those sexy Latin languages. Especially French (wink, wink).

Jenn: My heroine longs to be a novelist. Was your journey to publication filled with longing? Quick and easy? How did you make it?

Jessica: It definitely wasn’t quick and easy! It took me five years to sell my first book. Actually my “first” book was never published. It’s still sitting on my shelf! I tried for three years to get an agent for that book and eventually started a new book that would become my first published novel. After five years, I finally landed my first agent and she sold my book in only 10 days! That’s the power of a good agent.

Jenn: In one of my creative-writing classes, I was taught never to write about writing. Oh well. Were you taught this too? Are there other writing rules you were taught that you still remember and either follow or throw out the window?

Jessica: I have written a few screenplays in the past and I feel like Hollywood is FILLED with rules like this. The biggest ones: Don’t use Flashbacks, Don’t Use Voiceover, Don’t write about Hollywood. Of course, I managed to do all three. Hmmm…maybe that’s why none of my screenplays ever sold. Haha! I feel like novel writing is so much more open. Like there are less rules. Or at least if there are, I don’t know about them (and not sure I want to, cause I’ll most likely break those too!)

Jenn: What good books have you read lately?

Jessica: I just finished Gabrielle Zevin’s ALL THESE THINGS I’VE DONE. It releases in the fall. What a fantastic book! I love the way her mind works. She’s a brilliant storyteller. I also just recently read RUBY RED by Kerstin Gier which just released. It’s the first in a series and I’m now TOTALLY hooked. I’m dying for the second one. The series was originally published in Germany and I’m about this close to buying the German edition and running it through Google Translate, just so I can find out what happens! Too bad I studied French!

Jenn: When readers tell you they’ve read and loved all your books and they want recommendations for similar books to read now, what do you say?

Jessica: I usually recommend Meg Cabot and Sarah Dessen. Those are the two authors I’m told I most resemble in my writing style and storytelling. And I consider that a HUGE compliment. I’m big fans of both!

Jenn: What’s next for you?

Jessica: Ooh, I have TONS of fun stuff in the works! Some I can talk about and some I can’t…YET! My next book is called 52 REASONS TO HATE MY FATHER. It will be released in Spring 2012. I just finished all the edits. I’m so excited about this one! It’s about a spoiled teen heiress, famous for her partygirl antics and tabloid headlines, who’s forced by her ever-absent mogul father to take on a different low-wage job every week for a year, if she wants any hope of receiving her trust fund. I had SO much fun writing that one. And it was recently optioned for film! So fingers crossed it actually gets made! How cool would that be?

And right now I’m working on the first book in a new sci-fi trilogy I just sold called UNREMEMBERED. It’s about a sixteen year old girl who wakes up amongst the wreckage of a devastating plane crash with no memories. She's forced to piece together her forgotten past with only one clue to her identity-- a mysterious boy who claims she's not from this time.

For the latest on Jessica's books, visit her web site at www.JessicaBrody.com!