May 20th, 2011

Slouching toward summer

I am writing. A lot. And rewriting. A lot. And not seeming to make any progress on Such a Rush, because I really feel like the first four chapters need to be perfect before I move on, because they set up the rest of the book, so if I write the rest of the book one way and then go back and change the beginning again, the later writing will be wasted.

Wow, I feel better getting that off my chest! That does not move me any closer to finishing this book before my son gets out of school next Thursday, though. I hope when I check in next Friday, I will be able to report lots more progress.

Speaking of progress...did you know Love Story is going to be in stores in 59 DAYS???

It's true. A librarian here in Birmingham has posted what she thinks of it. I haven't seen a lot of opinions of it yet, but I know people are reading it. Yesterday @simplycaren tweeted a quote from it: "Serious writers know this. You would not find a nipple in The New Yorker." I think that is a very good choice of quotes. I think that should be used in all the advertising. I really loved writing this book and I can't wait for you to read it!

In other review fanciness, a literary agent has posted her opinion of Forget You. So has Book Passion for Life. And Novel Thoughts and Heaven Hell and Purgatory Book Reviews have posted reviews of Going Too Far. Getting a nice review of that book still makes me insanely happy.

Sincere thanks to everyone who has taken the time to blog about my books or tell a friend about them. Forget You is going into an 8th printing, and Endless Summer is going into a 4th printing with a 5th planned in a week or so, all because you were kind enough to spread the word.