March 18th, 2011

Happy to be back

Saturday when I left Alabama for spring break in Orlando, it was cool and rainy, the yucky side of spring. See Going Too Far. But we had a lovely time in Orlando's warm and sunny weather, and now that I'm back, I have brought their beautiful spring weather with me! See Going Too Far. March in Alabama is like that.

I am coming back to a huge amount of work. First I'm finishing the revision of a manuscript with suggestions from the brilliant erinkatedowning. Then I'm doing my taxes. I don't find this task particularly daunting except that my receipts for deductions (mostly for books)...well...they are in a pile. A rather large pile. I meant to record them as I went along so I would not have this pile issue now, and I did so, until a deadline drew closer, and things fell apart, which is modus operandi around Chez Echols.

And then I am going to finish writing Free Falling. I am so excited to have a deadline, because deadlines make me happy, even though they make me stack things in piles instead of recording them. But this writing project feels a little weird. I have almost always written my books during the fall. I'm still writing during the rest of the year, but spring in particular seems to be my season when I write proposals that don't sell. It is weird to sit down to write without feelings of foreboding and failure. I hardly know what to do with this strange positive energy.

I guess I will learn to deal.
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