February 25th, 2011

Bad news & very very good news: what I’m writing next

Bad news first. I will not be writing a third book about Lori and Adam. So many of you have contacted me on e-mail, my guestbook, Facebook, and Twitter to tell me you wanted a third book in The Boys Next Door/Endless Summer series. I heard you and I tried, but publishing is a difficult business and sometimes things don’t work out the way we want.

I appreciate your kind messages. I’m sorry I won’t be able to deliver this book for you. I absolutely love writing YA romantic comedies. They have made up more than half of my writing career thus far, and without them I feel like there is a big hole in my writing life. I hope I will get the chance to write more of them for a different publisher someday. When I do, I will try to create characters that you enjoy just as much.

The FREAKING AWESOME news is that I have sold two more romantic dramas to MTV Books. This time it is a hard/soft deal, meaning the books will come out in hardback first and paperback a year later.

*insert Beyonce dance*

Here’s the current schedule:

Love Story will be published in paperback on July 19. You can read the description here.

Free Falling is the book I’m writing now. It’s about a teen girl pilot who ekes out a dangerous living towing advertisement banners at the beach, and gets tangled in a romance with the adrenaline junkie who owns the business. It will be published in hardback in 2012.

The Book I Haven’t Thought Of Yet will be published in hardback in 2013. Actually I had thought of an idea for this book, but I mentioned it to my literary agent and she said, “It’s about what???” which made me think it was not such a good idea after all. This happens to me a lot. I will keep you posted.

Publishing is a hard business. Did I mention that? If you are considering a career as a writer, please also consider architecture. For me, by far the hardest part of the job isn’t the writing itself, or even the bad news when it comes, but the waiting. Did I mention the waiting? I am ecstatic that the waiting is over. I am going to have a wonderful angst-free weekend.

Oh, wait, I have to send back the copyedit of Love Story on Monday.

I am going to have a wonderful angst-filled weekend. It is the good kind of angst, finally.