October 18th, 2010

There's nothing I won't do for my writing group...

Even crafts!

That's right, the Southern Magic Readers' Luncheon is coming up on November 6 (and you are welcome to come), and I am making gift baskets.

I am not a crafty person. Normally I would not volunteer for something like this. I might volunteer for keeping up a database or something. But here's what happened. Kelley St. John sold her first book about 6 months before I did. Then she sold a LOT of books. She also became the secretary for the Romance Writers of America national organization. All of this forced her to stop doing much of the work she'd been doing for Southern Magic. And I mean MUCH. She had volunteered for EVERYTHING.

And I, seeing how successful Kelley was, took it upon myself to take all the jobs that Kelley had been doing.

Including running the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence. And keeping up with the Milestones & Recognitions duties. And making gift baskets for the luncheon.

And though I have given up most of the jobs myself now, somehow I am still making baskets.

The reason this job is so important is that we have a drawing for these huge baskets full of books, and this is one of our nonprofit organization's biggest fundraisers. Admittedly I used to just...uh...put some books in a basket. But a trip to the luncheon put on by Heart of Dixie (the RWA chapter in northern Alabama) and a look at their beautiful and professional-looking baskets made me ashamed. So I started watching videos on how to make gift baskets (YES I did! and YES the Internets are full of videos on how to make gift baskets!) and stepped up my game.

Tomorrow I'm picking up several hundred books that authors have donated to the chapter for this purpose. And in the next few weeks I will be haunting Hobby Lobby and Michael's, looking for sales on baskets and wrapping and ribbons and glue dots (there is a whole industry built around making special glue dots and other stuff to hold baskets together. I'll bet you didn't know that. I kind of wish I didn't either).

And I will be sure to post pictures of my baskets here, so that you have to suffer through my annual crafts phase with me.

How about you? Have you ever done anything really strange or out-of-character for your writing career?
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