September 13th, 2010

Cover envy

I have covers on the brain. I turned in THE BOOK WITH THE TITLE SO FABULOUS THAT I DARE NOT SPEAK ITS NAME last month. It will be published on July 1, 2011, and my editor has already asked me for descriptions of the characters so the art department can depict them on the cover. It's ironic that the cover is so incredibly important to sales of the book, yet the author generally gets no say in it whatsoever...but I will say two things about my covers. (1) When I've had a big concern, my editors have tried to accommodate me. (2) In my opinion, I have never gotten a clunker of a cover. I have been very lucky.

But wow, I would be so thrilled if I got a GORGEOUS cover for this book. I was pondering this last week because I finished reading Jennifer Crusie's wonderful new adult romantic comedy MAYBE THIS TIME and then puzzled over the cover.

I stole this graphic from Jennifer's blog. You can click on it to see it bigger. The red cover is the one that made it; the other two are also-rans. When I first bought the book I was disappointed in the cover. It seemed to indicate to me that the book would be about Old People. I am reaching an age at which I do not have any business turning up my nose at a book about Old People...but I wanted it to be the usual Jennifer Crusie romantic comedy that I love, and those are about twenty-somethings to forty-somethings. In fact, the heroine of this book is 34. And AFTER I finished the book, I realized how perfect the cover was, because it's a play on an old-fashioned Gothic romance.

But THEN I saw the gold over on the right and WOW. That would have intrigued me so much more. I would kill for a cover like that. Maybe in paperback...

Speaking of which, some of my friends have gotten the most gorgeous paperback covers recently for their hardback originals. Compare (click on them to see them larger):

R. A. Nelson's hardback:

Paperback coming out tomorrow!

Lauren Strasnick's hardback:

Paperback that came out recently--we sat next to each other at the Pocket signing at RWA, and she signed piles of this gorgeous book for fans:

And then of course there's fashionista_35's awesome paperback original, coming in November:

Do you have a bad case of cover envy, or--even better--do you have your own beautiful cover to show off? Upload or link and let us see!
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