July 1st, 2010

Public Shame Writing Challenge: Week 4.5 check-in!

I feel really bad that I have let you guys down. You have been writing industriously and I have not finished my book as planned. To make it up to you and to express my admiration for you, if you met your goal for June I'm entering you in a drawing to win Crazy for Love by my CP victoria_dahl, which came out on Tuesday (Vicki claims that she is going to mail it to you AND that she is going to sign it), and Forget You by yours truly, which is coming out on the 20th. To enter, just post your success by July 6, and I'll draw a winner on the 7th. (I originally said the deadline was the 4th but oh. Clearly we are a group of people who Need More Time.)

I will not be running the PSWC in July. In case I have not made this clear, my life is falling apart. In a good way. (I have a love/hate relationship with deadlines.) From time to time people have mentioned other writing challenges here. If you know of any happening in July, please post the link so other folks can take part.

I've really enjoyed the PSWC! Please come back and tell us what happened with your fabulous works in progress.

Now you:

Your goal for Week 4.5

Your achievement for Week 4.5

Your goal for June

Your achievement for June--did you win??? Go you!