June 9th, 2010

More good news for Endless Summer!

Well, first of all, after only two weeks in stores, Endless Summer is in its SECOND PRINTING!!! This is a direct result of YOU walking into a store and buying a copy, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate you for doing this.

As a result, I have asked my editor if I may write a third book about Adam and Lori, and she has said MAYBE. It will depend on sales, but I think we're off to a great start!

In addition, Going Too Far has just gone into its SEVENTH PRINTING!!! Again, this has nothing to do with me and everything to do with you, and I thank you.

On the Girlfriends' Cyber Circuit, Stephanie Kuehnert asks, "Who were some of your inspirations to become a writer or the inspirations that keep you writing?" Jessica Brody asks, "What kind of research did you have to do to bring Lori to life on the page?" (if you have been hanging around my blog, you already know the answer to that one) AND she's giving away THREE signed copies of Endless Summer this Friday, so be sure to visit Free Book Friday and sign up to win today or tomorrow.

A kind book blogger has also posted an interview with me. YA Book Queen asks, "If you could spend your summer doing anything and at any place in the world, what would you do and where would you be?"

Chick Loves Lit and I Want to Read That have posted very positive reviews of Endless Summer--I am so grateful! And The Crooked Shelf...well, let me just say this. Before I had a novel published, I had no idea what being a published author would be like. I never could have predicted the kindness of the blogosphere, full of readers who will go out of their way to tell other people about your books. But I could also not have predicted how difficult the job of a novelist can sometimes be. There will be bad days. And on those days, I hope every writer has a reader out there like Carla at The Crooked Shelf. I think to myself, "Carla seems like a nice, upstanding British lady AND she loves my books, so my career can't be TOO far into the toilet." Of course, Carla has not posted a picture of herself on her blog, so she may very well be an old man in prison.

Finally, my neighbor JoAnn Weatherly has included me in such a kind post on the Southern Magic blog. And speaking of Southern Magic, our June 26 meeting in Birmingham, AL, will feature Angela James, Executive Editor at Carina Press, which is the e-publishing arm of Harlequin. The public is welcome but attendance is capped at 40, so read more about it here and then e-mail Callie if you want to come. I will see you there with my mother's very large coffee pot.