June 7th, 2010

Public Shame Writing Challenge: Week 1 check-in!

Sorry. On deadline. Will check back in soon. You check in and talk amongst yourselves.


I'm back. Deadlines met. Sorry about that.

In June I'm finishing the first draft of The Forthcoming Novel With The Fabulous Secret Title by June 25 and sending it to my CPs by June 30.

Well, here's what happened during Week 1. I had a word count goal, but then my editor told me the sales force wanted to see the first two chapters of The Forthcoming Novel With The Fabulous Secret Title. The sales force has never cared about seeing my stuff before, so I am convinced this means one of two things:

1. I am about to become a BEST-SELLING AUTHOR! The sales force has great plans for me!

2. I have turned out to be kind of a loon. I have been spotted wearing my cape in public. The sales force does not trust me anymore.

One or the other.

And I am very proud to say that the deadline for these two chapters was yesterday, and I met it! As you know, I do not write in order. I did have the chapters but they were awfully fuzzy, so I had to pick the lint off them, and I did the heavy research for chapter 1 that I had not planned to do until after I finished the first draft (because that is how I roll. Nothing but the best for you people. Let's just say if I ever write a novel about brain surgery, don't use my book as a how-to manual, K?) So even though I didn't meet my word count as originally planned, I am calling it a win.

In Week 2 I will de-fuzz chapters 3 through 5.

Lots of you have checked in already, but if you haven't, here's what we need:

Your goal for June

Your goal for Week 1

Your achievement for Week 1

Your goal for Week 2 (check-in is Monday, June 14)

Also--pick one person who signed on for the challenge but hasn't checked in yet, and e-mail them or message them with something kind of annoying. I will go pick on Naima.