May 27th, 2010

Day 26

More interviews with the Girlfriends' Cyber Circuit: Lucienne Diver has posted my Twitter version (140 characters) of Endless Summer, and Kelly Parra has posted about my writing schedule, which is going to make you laugh when you find out how much I wrote yesterday.

YA Librarian Tales has very kindly posted an interview with me, too. And Smitten With Books is giving away copies of Endless Summer, The Ex Games, and Going Too Far. Here she is in all her adorableness:

Now to the point. How much did I write yesterday? I pledged 1000 and I wrote 126. I am not even pledging anything today because I have so much work to do. I am really going to try to concentrate on this book over the weekend.

I'm also looking toward June. I was not going to do the challenge in June, but Naima wants me to (remember Naima, who checked in twice during April and then jet-setted to Europe with shame?) and Carla suggested that we check in every week instead of every day. Would you participate?

Some of you are doing great in May, but a lot of you seem to be in this sinking boat with me. I think shame has gained some weight. How are you doing?

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