May 25th, 2010

Day 24 plus squee!

Hey. Sorry I'm late. It is the official release day for Endless Summer

[OMG I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

and I am incredibly busy with being full of myself. There is all manner of Jennifer Echolsy goodness on the internets this morning.

YA Librarian Tales has posted the (so far) one and only review of Endless Summer. Initially I received only two copies of the book, sent one to her, and put the other under my pillow.

Girls Without a Bookshelf have posted an interview with me about Forget You. I was truly fascinated to read it--not only because I am so fascinated with myself, but also because these are questions I have never been asked before, and I had forgotten what I answered.

On the Girlfriends' Cyber Circuit, Wendy Toliver asks me the burning question, "What do you think is most recognizable about your writing voice?" (the answer is not "PUTTING STUFF IN ALL CAPS FOR NO APPARENT REASON") and Sara Hantz asks, "What is your writing process like?" (the answer is not "I kind of sit around on my butt until Liz threatens to take me prom dress shopping"). There will be more Girlfriend links throughout the week.

And despite all this, YES I sure did meet my writing goal for yesterday. I hope Liz did not have to go dress shopping by herself, but I totally dumped shame and wrote 2407. Here is a pic I took on my hot date with my own writing career.

Today, though...I don't know. The American Idol finals are on, you know. I will pledge 1000.

How about you?

Your goal for May

Your goal for yesterday (Monday)

Your achievement yesterday

Your goal for today