May 21st, 2010

Day 20

I woke up to the sweetest e-mail this morning! A reader named Lani sent me a picture of Endless Summer in her local Barnes & Noble.

Notice how its big butt hangs off the shelf. I have heard it's at the Barnes & Noble at The Summit here in Birmingham, too, and I will go sign those copies today IF and only IF I get my big box o' books addressed and sent to reviewers.

Because no, I didn't do it last night. I was about to finish work, and I was going to stay up until I addressed every book, and then the power went out.

That is NOT an excuse. That is a REASON. I was so horrified. What are you supposed to do when your power goes out at 7 p.m.??? I sat outside on the screened porch, read Carl Hiaasen with a flashlight, and listened to the rain--which was kind of nice, actually, something I used to do all the time growing up on Lake Martin (substitute Lois Duncan for Carl Hiassen), and it got me in an Endless Summery mood.

Well. What all this means is that I am in Trouble with my word count. I will write 1900 on Saturday and 1900 on Sunday.

How about you?

Your goal for May

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