May 3rd, 2010

Days 1 and 2

Welcome to the Public Shame Writing Challenge! It's simple: just announce your goal for May and your goal for today, and report in tomorrow.

There are no excuses in the Public Shame Writing Challenge. It's not that we don't care why you didn't meet your goal. But there's no place for it here because it might reduce the shame. To paraphrase Yoda, write or write not; there is no try. Just take your helping of shame and move along.


In May I am writing 30,000 words. Over the weekend I wrote the big 181. Today I will write 1000.

Now you:

Your name, if you are not a Live Journal user and are posting as "Anonymous"

Your goal for May

Your achievement over the weekend (if any--we didn't boast about this ahead of time, so if you didn't write anything, that's fine)

Your goal for today

See you tomorrow!

EDITED TO ADD: The Public Shame Writing Challenge is being recommended to students by the Grand Valley State University Writing Center! This is because I have friends who are ritin perfessers.