May 1st, 2010

Public Shame Writing Challenge for May

What is the Public Shame Writing Challenge? It is the internet embodiment of my realization that you want to write, but writing is hard, and nobody is looking at you, and given the choice you will watch Mythbusters and each chocolate-chip cookies during your writing time unless there is something driving you, such as the fact that you boasted to people how much you were going to write today and now you have to do it.

How it works: Decide how much you're going to write in May. Post that here on Monday, May 3. Also post how much you will write on Monday. Come back on Tuesday and either brag or face the public shame. Repeat.

We take weekends off (from posting, but not necessarily writing).

In April, if you met your goal, you got a parade. In May, you get a prom.

Everyone is welcome. See you Monday!