April 30th, 2010

Day 29

During April I am finishing the proofs of Forget You (CHECK!), dealing with the ARCs (CHECK!), and writing 40,000 words (*just don't say anything*).

Yesterday I said I would produce Index Cards of Wonder. I did, and I wrote 304 words without really meaning to.

Today I will write 1781.

How about you?

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I am going ahead and creating a Day 30 post in case you finish early today and want to report in and be done with it.

Day 30

Today I said I would write 1781 and I wrote 1805--much of it on the back of a Publix receipt at halftime during my son's soccer game, because I'm that dedicated (or kind of a loser that I didn't get my writing done earlier in the day, depending on whether your glass is half-full).

In April I said I would finish the proofs of Forget You, deal with the ARCs, and write 40,000 words. I finished the proofs and the ARCs, but I wrote only 23,024. However, I know that's a lot more than I would have written if I didn't have y'all. *group hug*

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Meet me here on Monday and we'll start again.