April 23rd, 2010

Day 22 and National Day of Whining

In April I am...ARGH!

Yesterday I was supposed to write 3135 and I wrote 1315! POO!

Normally this would be a pretty good word count for me and I would be proud. It's just because of this Public Shame Writing Challenge that it is FAIL.

*huff huff huff*

Okay. Let's step back and look at this. I don't do writing challenges all the time. It's only for April. And I've had huge things going on in April. If I didn't have you chicks looking over my shoulder, I would have written a LOT less this month.

AND...I have gotten over the biggest hurdle. It is SO HARD for me to start a book. I don't know who the characters are and I really don't care. I can't get into it. That's what writing every day does for you. As we've said, when you start dreaming about it, looking forward to it, inadvertently thinking up scenes while ironing, you know you're in the zone.

(And incidentally, looking forward to May...I know a lot of you will be tempted to take a break, but you will fall out of the zone quickly. Consider slowing down but not stopping in May. Write something every day.)

Today, Saturday, and Sunday, as an act of penance for my Xtreme Shame, I am writing 11,225. That's my quota plus what I missed yesterday.

I am channeling Debra Webb, who wrote her entire first book over a weekend. (It was a short one, like a Precious Gems or something back in the day, but still.)

Now you:

Your goal for April.

Your goal for yesterday (Thursday).

Your achievement yesterday, or lack thereof.

Whining. I have said there is no whining in the Public Shame Writing Challenge. Today and only today, I give you permission to tell us why you have not achieved what you said you would so far, and how all the cards are stacked against you and stuff.

What you will write over the weekend, wherein you realize that all the whining you did above sounded kind of silly, and then you channel your inner Debra Webb.