April 16th, 2010

Day 15

During April I am finishing the proofs of Forget You (CHECK!), dealing with the ARCs, and writing 40,000 words of the new novel.

Yesterday I was going to send all the rest of the ARCs. I did until I ran out of customs declarations. Man, overseas postage is expensive! I am looking at you very hard, United Kingdom.

I was also going to write 2500. I failed miserably and wrote 543.

I did, however, make a calendar of the action of the book, which means I am getting really serious WATCH OUT FOLKS STAND BACK CAN'T YOU SEE THE LADY HAS A CALENDAR???

Today I'm getting rid of the remaining ARCs and writing 2500. I will also write 2500 each day over the weekend.

You? I am in awe of all of you! I am not doing so hot, but collectively we are doing a great job!

Your goal for April

Your goal for yesterday (Thursday)

Your achievement yesterday

Your goals for today and the weekend

And meet me back here on Monday.