April 7th, 2010

Day 6

First of all, take time out of your busy writing schedule to congratulate one of our own. fashionista_35 (a.k.a. RITA winner Barbara Caridad Ferrer) has a new, gorgeous cover! I read this book a long time ago and I'm beyond thrilled that you're finally going to get a chance to read it too.

Okay, DAY 6.

During April I am finishing the proofs of Forget You, dealing with the ARCs, and writing 40,000 words of the Novel So Brilliant It Will Change All Our Lives.

Yesterday was the most beautiful day ever, and the air was perfumed with wisteria. My son and I sat outside in the grass, and he read Al Capone Does My Shirts while I took a last look at the proof of Forget You. I am going to try to send it to my editor today without looking at it again, and I am going to hope that when she opens it, she is not overwhelmed by a cloud of pollen. I think I already got rid of all the ants.

Today I am going to write 1000 words of the new book. SCARY.

How about you?

What you're writing in April

What you planned to write on day 6 (Tuesday)

What you actually wrote

A polite but firm letter to Nanette telling her she should not come here and talk smack and then disappear