April 6th, 2010

Day 5

During April I am finishing the proofs of Forget You, dealing with the ARCs, and writing 40,000 words of the new novel, which I will get to any second, I swear.

Yesterday my goal was to make it through the whole proof, and I did! I deserve a parade.

However, I'm not starting the new novel today. This is the last time I will see Forget You before it comes out on July 20, and I feel like I need to take a day to delete a word and put it back and take it out and put it back and drive myself completely insane before finally throwing the manuscript in the FedEx box with a primal scream. The details are different, but the feeling is exactly the same as losing my green pencil.

Your turn!

What you're writing in April

What you planned to write on day 5 (Monday)

What you actually wrote

Smack-talk directed at one of the people who posted in the first few days and hasn't shown up again (CHICKENS BOCK BOCK BOCK)
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