April 3rd, 2010

Day 2

In April I am going over the proofs of Forget You, dealing with the ARCs, and writing 40,000 words of the New Novel with the Unbearably Brilliant Title of Extreme Secrecy.

Yesterday I intended to proof 100 pages. I proofed...NADA!

Remember, no excuses. I am just lame.

Today I am going to proof 150 pages, and I really need to get on it because I have yet to hit my goal in my own Public Shame Writing Challenge.

Post a comment here with the following info:

Your name (or web handle, or whatever)

How much you are going to write in April, total

How much you intended to write yesterday (April 2)

How much you actually wrote yesterday (April 2)

How much you are going to write today (April 3)

Boasts and/or mea culpas

And then go and write! A lot! You are excused if you don't come back here on the holiday, but I definitely expect you on Monday with a report. Don't make me e-mail you again.