April 2nd, 2010

Day 1

I intended to proof 100 pages of Forget You but I proofed only 30. I have great excuses but nothing that rises to the occasion of being a Fancy Author. I think it should be a rule of the Public Shame Writing Challenge that we do not provide excuses. Nobody cares that your boss kept sending you wheelchair articles to copyedit, or that you had difficulty with your pipes (Carla).


I would say that I'm going to proof 170 pages today to make up for yesterday, but come on. So I'm going to proof 100 today.

Carla, Naima, Callie, Gwen, Jeanie, how did you do? I hope you shame me good.

And hey, Internets, you are still welcome to join us in the Public Shame Writing Challenge if we have not scared the hell out of you yet.

Day 1: Let's make this easier

Here's how to play Public Shame Writing Challenge.

Post a comment here with the following info:

Your name (or web handle, or whatever)

How much you are going to write in April, total

How much you intended to write yesterday (April 1)

How much you actually wrote yesterday (April 1)

How much you are going to write today (April 2)

Various boasts about your own writing and jabs at other writers, particularly Nanette, since she is such a trash talker herself

And then go and write! A lot! And come back tomorrow and post the same info about the new day.

Nanette, Carla, Naima, Callie, Jeanie, Gwen, JoAnn, Anonymous, let's hear it. What did you accomplish yesterday? Can anybody match my fabulous 30 pages of proofing? I THINK NOT, which is why you are all so quiet. *crickets chirping*
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