April 1st, 2010

Shame goes live! No fooling!

It's the first day of April, and you know what that means. All that boasting we did in late March about how much we were going to write starting today...today we have to do it. Carla, Naima, Jeanie and Callie, I expect you back here tomorrow to report in on how much you wrote today. Latecomers are welcome to join us! Personally, I received my page proofs for Forget You yesterday, and I'll report in on how much I got done. I need to finish that before I start on my 40,000 words for the month. I can handle only one hero at a time.

Fortunately, we all have terrific inspiration. After a string of Romantic Times "Top Picks," Our friend Christy Reece just hit the New York Times Bestseller List for the first time with Second Chance. CONGRATULATIONS CHRISTY!