March 22nd, 2010

Down for the count

I am sorry to say that Going Too Far did not get past the first round in the Dear Author Bitchery Writing Award for Hellagood Authors. Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson caught me in a half nelson in the first five seconds and would NOT let me go. But I am so grateful to the Smart Bitches for nominating me and to all of you for voting for me, and I'm sure this crick in my neck will go away soon. are so sweet to tell me you've read all my books and to ask for recommendations for what to read now. I have one for you: In Your Room by Jordanna Fraiberg. I saw the sale on in 2007 or so and thought THAT SOUNDS SO GOOD. The book was published in 2008, but I have just gotten around to reading it. You know how I am. And IT IS SO GOOD. Lovely setting, lovely characters, clear and delicate writing, a terrific plot, with no heavy-handed morals--just a great story. I am putting on a hat just so I can take it off to you, Ms. Fraiberg. Well done.