March 8th, 2010

I'm so excited...

The pub date of Endless Summer (May 25) draws nearer! I just sent back my corrections to the proof.

What is the proof, you may ask? The proof is a printout of the book that is made to look like the book will look, with the correct font and margins and so forth. Thus I got a sneak peak at what page 1 will look like:

and page 2, OMG too cute, look at the little hearts under my name!

and page 3

and that's probably all I should show you.

At this point my job was to catch typos, and I also was able to make some changes so the wording wasn't repetitive. It's amazing--you think you've written a perfect story, but then the editor edits it, and the copyeditor makes changes, and suddenly it is not what you wrote anymore. There was one page where Cameron was nodding and then Lori was nodding and then Frances was nodding and then Cameron was nodding again WHY IS EVERYONE NODDING so I hope I was able to find all of those sorts of glitches. And I was glad my editor let me e-mail her the changes I wanted to make instead of marking them on the manuscript itself, because I spilled Perrier on it very early in the process.