February 22nd, 2010

I owe you one.

Lots of people have been very kind to me lately. The Ungrateful Brother is not one of them, as he still has not visited this blog since the summer, but the kindnesses of the rest of you almost make up for it.

Cafe Saturday has posted lovely reviews of Going Too Far and The Boys Next Door. The YA Book Nuts also enjoyed Going Too Far, and A Good Addiction has posted an interview with me about writing the book. I will be hanging around her book club forum this week to answer your questions, so post 'em if you've got 'em.

The Crooked Shelf posted a flattering and hilarious review of The Boys Next Door. A sample: "[Jennifer Echols] is one of those authors where you could buy any book she's written, even a book with a crazy ass story line. Maybe like people turned into giant blobs, eating all the worlds population, save two people who have to stop them, who are in love but don't realise (of course there would be romance), thus saving the world. Man, even she would make that story line amazing, thats how much of a good writer she is." I owe this blogger an interview post about why I would like to move to her homeland, the U.K., and I want my post to live up to the expectations she has created, so I am looking for my Stonehenge pictures...stay tuned for that.

In an interview with my fellow Simon Pulse Ro-Com author Debbie Rigaud, The Happy Nappy Bookseller suggested that Debbie's book Perfect Shot and my book The Ex Games are part of a new YA subgenre called Sport & Boys Chick Lit, or S&B Chick Lit for short. I am thrilled! And we want the term to catch on, so help us if you can. On reflection, I think all my books probably fit into this genre: snowboarding in The Ex Games, wakeboarding in The Boys Next Door and Endless Summer, swimming in Forget You, running in Going Too Far, and marching band in Major Crush...because marching band IS a sport.

Speaking of sports...my final thanks go to victoria_dahl, who invited my son and me to stay with her over the holiday weekend so we could go skiing in her beautiful resort town. The irony was that we had a rare snow in Alabama the day before we flew to the Rockies to see her. My backyard:

Vicki's backyard:

Yeah, Vicki wins.