January 25th, 2010

Writing is more fun with friends

Re-joining Romance Writers of America in 2004 was the best thing I ever did for my career. On Saturday I attended the monthly meeting of my local chapter, Southern Magic, at which we made plans for the year. If you live elsewhere in the country, check out the happenings of your chapter...but if you live around Birmingham, you really need to be at these meetings. Check out this line-up:

February 27: Me! Well, not just me. I’ll be on a pubbed author panel with Paula Graves, Lynn Raye Harris, Laura Hayden, Kimberly Lang, Kathleen Long, Christy Reece, Naima Simone, and Peggy Webb. If you have a question about the publishing industry, surely to God one of these people can answer it. I wish I’d had access to this sort of resource when I first started trying to get published.

March 27: We are bringing in a psychologist. In the past we’ve had psychologists talk about criminal behavior so we can write better villains, but this psychologist is even better. He’s going to talk about our OWN psychology: how to deal with being a writer and getting rejections in this crazy industry. Several of us in the meeting were looking at each other and saying GOD we need this man NOW.

April 24: My brilliant and beautiful friend Jessica Kirk, who specializes in family law, will answer our questions so we can write about divorce, child custody, adoption, and so forth without looking like doofuses.

You have to join RWA National before you can join our chapter. However, you can come to two of our chapter meetings per year without joining anything. I hope I’ll see you there soon.

On the review front...Austenfan posted a very kind review of The Boys Next Door. Thank you!