January 18th, 2010

Light at the end of the tunnel

Last week I said on the Simon Pulse Ro-Com Blog that I was about to finish a new manuscript. Then I said on the MTV Books Blog that I had finished it but hadn’t read it. Now I am in the midst of reading it, and half of it is off to the critique partners, cchant and victoria_dahl. This is not Vicki’s forte, really. Vicki is better at the front end of a manuscript. She’s a big picture person. At the back end she’s no use because she thinks EVERYTHING is funny, which is great for your ego but not, for instance, for making sure your romantic dramas do not have llamas in them and your romantic comedies do not feature heroin addicts. But Cathy...oooh, watch out for Cathy. If she notes it in your manuscript, you’d better change it, because if you don’t, you will hear about it from your editor later, I swear to God every time.

Meanwhile, A Good Addiction has posted a lovely review of Going Too Far--thank you! And Persnickety Snark posted my guest-blog about why I finally wrote Endless Summer, the sequel to The Boys Next Door. She has called Going Too Far one of her 5 great re-reads and her favorite book of 2009! Every American writer should have a kind Australian reviewer who spells funny. I said “spells funny,” not “smells funny.” She lives in Australia. I have no idea how she smells. (With ‘er nose! HAHAHAHA)