December 29th, 2009

I’ve written a romp!

Children’s Literature has reviewed The Ex Games! The review is posted on

Of all things that have surprised me about becoming a published author, of course the nicest is getting lovely e-mail from my readers. And one of the worst discoveries is that when your novel is reviewed by a Fancy Major Prestigious Reviewing Entity, your publisher does NOT land their helicopter on your front lawn and present you with a wax-sealed envelope with your review inside! You have to find the review yourself while bumbling about the internets.

Anyway, I’m happy. The review is not glowing, but it’s imminently quotable, such as

“The romantic drama heats up the snowboarding slopes in this teen-centered romp...”


“Engaging and page-turning from the start, the plotline centers on Hayden, an avid snowboarder and her high school love interest and ex-boyfriend, Nick. The tension between the two sizzles, and the stakes are raised when Nick challenges Hayden to a snowboarding competition, which quickly becomes the talk of the town.”

or even

“...the dialogue pops and the details are immediate and relatable. Hayden is an easy-to-like narrator, and her athleticism and tendency to speak her mind set her apart and help her avoid becoming generic. The supporting cast of characters adds additional fun, especially Hayden's competitive, realistic, and hilarious brother, Josh.”

See how nice the review sounds when you use elipses? I’ll take it! Thank you, Children’s Literature.

I still have not seen a blog comment by my actual hilarious brother, btw. *tapping foot*

In other news, some of you have told me you can’t find Going Too Far in bookstores. You can always order it online from, Amazon, etc. If you don’t have a credit card, just ask your local bookstore to order it for you. Check their policy first, but most bookstores will order it at no extra charge to you, have it for you within a couple of days, and keep it behind the counter for you until you pick it up, as if it is something super-secret and delicious.