November 18th, 2009

Welcome back, Brother!

Well! I turned in the revision of Forget You. Now I'm working on the revision of Endless Summer, which is lots of fun because my new editor has filled the manuscript with little penciled exclamations of, "Ha ha!" and "Nice job!" I'm going to try to wrap that up this weekend and then think of a New Book of Eye-Hurting Brilliance, which is due to MTV soon.

In the meantime, I have talked with my brother. He said he has not visited this blog since July and he had no idea The Ex-Games was out, or that I have gone all over the internet doing interviews about how Hayden in the book has such a funny and loving relationship with her brother and how that is based in part on my relationship with my own brother. *stony stare at brother* I'm thinking my next MTV book should be about a rich, beautiful, successful novelist and her down-and-out emergency room doctor brother whom she is always having to rescue from his hapless and foolish exploits. That is the power of fiction.