November 4th, 2009

New cover!

This sequel to The Boys Next Door is coming out on August 3. Here's the back cover description (or, at least, my back cover description, and if it actually makes it onto the back cover, that will be the first time!):

* * *

Lori should have known better than to date a pirate.

After finally getting together and going out on their first real date, only Lori and Adam could manage to fall asleep—and wake up seven hours past Lori’s curfew. Their parents forbid them to see each other. So Lori takes it upon herself to date boys scarier than Adam until her dad gives in.

But Adam won’t play along. He’s afraid Lori might fall for these scary boys. And when she goes out with the scariest boy of all—Adam’s own brother and her ex-crush—even the threat of being sent away to military school can’t keep Adam from swashbuckling his way back into Lori’s heart.

Can this forbidden love stay afloat, or will it sink in the watery deep?

* * *

In other news, Book Chic and Addicted to Books have kindly posted reviews of The Ex Games. Thank you, book bloggers!

And finally, NaNoFail. I have three deadlines this month, but I really wanted to keep track of how much I wrote on all three, and that would be my NaNo. Unfortunately, I am finding that I am too busy to do the difficult additional labor that NaNo requires, such as counting. This breaks my heart because I LOVED doing NaNo last year. I will be cheering for the rest of you!