August 31st, 2009

Recent reads

I have the utmost admiration for an author who does something different every time. Kudos, then, to R. A. Nelson. His July release, Days of Little Texas,

is a 180 from last year's Breathe My Name. In Days, the 15-year-old hero, a tent revival preacher and faith healer traveling the modern South, is an anachronism in the twenty-first century, but his feelings are very real as he first runs away from and then confronts the ghost of a girl whom he couldn't heal. Recommended for readers looking for a novel a couple of steps off the beaten path.

It seems like forever that I've been looking forward to mandyhubbard's June release, Prada and Prejudice.

She and I have been LiveJournal friends since before either of us had a book out, and it was such fun for me to follow her road to publication and then read the end product. The heroine, an American on a class trip to London, buys Prada shoes to impress her mean girl "friends." Then she trips in said shoes, hits her head, and is transported back to 1815, where the problems of teens are much more serious: arranged marriages, ruination, and a hot 19-year-old Mr. Darcy stand-in. Adorable.

On the adult side, you know how I love Jennifer Crusie. I'm just thankful she's had a long career, so I have a few left to read. Recently I inhaled Manhunting.

Published in 1993, this was her first book, and it's obvious. It's shorter and much less complex than her more recent work. But she says over and over in her letter to readers printed at the front, "I love this book." She lists all its shortcomings now that she knows better, but she still loves it. Me too. Her trademark LOL is there, along with her trademark delicious hero. My verdict: better than Strange Bedpersons, What the Lady Wants; not as good as Tell Me Lies, Bet Me, Welcome to Temptation, Crazy for You, Agnes and the Hitman. Definitely worth your while.

Last but not least, I read these books quite a while back when my critique partner victoria_dahl first wrote them, but I wanted to make sure you’d checked them out. The new romantic comedy came out in July

and the dreamy historical appeared a few weeks ago

and the fun paranormal historical novella is coming out tomorrow.

If you haven’t read these yet, you’re missing a treat. And you need to keep up, because the next romantic comedy, Lead Me On, is coming out in January.

Currently reading (and loving): another YA ghost story set in Alabama, The Splendor Falls by rclementmoore, due out September 8.

What are you reading?