March 16th, 2009

More reviews + TMI

New reviews of Going Too Far are up at The Story Siren, The Book Girl, and Pop Culture Junkie. Thanks to all of you for saying such kind things about my novel. And don’t miss the review by Ms. Yingling the Middle School Librarian, in which she seems somewhat appalled and actually uses the word "wastrel."

Currently I’m touring on the Girlfriends’ Cyber Circuit. Visit these YA authors’ blogs and you’ll know way more about me than you intended.

Alyson Noel: Wherein I reveal what novel rocked my world growing up.
Sara Hantz: Wherein I discuss my train wreck writing process.
April Henry: Wherein I reveal the great mystery in my life.
Megan Kelley Hall: Wherein I talk about joining the Published Writers’ Club.
Wendy Toliver: Wherein Wendy makes a link between me and corned beef.
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