March 13th, 2009

The Girlfriends' Cyber Circuit presents Amanda Ashby!


Quiet, unpopular, non-cheerleading Mia is blissfully happy. She is dating super hot football god Rob, and he actually likes her and asked her to prom! Enter Samantha—cheerleading goddess and miss popularity— who starts making a move for Rob. With prom in a few days, Mia needs to act fast. So she turns to her best friend, Candice, and decides to do a love spell on Rob. Unfortunately, she ends up inflicting a zombie virus onto her whole class, making herself their leader! At first she is flattered that everyone is treating her like a queen. But then zombie hunter hottie Chase explains they are actually fattening her up, because in a few days, Mia will be the first course in their new diet. She’s sure she and Chase can figure something out, but she suggests that no one wear white to prom, because things could get very messy.

Jenn: What would be the ideal spring break for some of your characters? The one they'd remember fondly for the rest of their lives?

Amanda: A year ago my heroine Mia Everett probably would’ve said her ideal spring break would be to go to Sunnydale. Of course she knows that Sunnydale doesn’t really exist but being such a Buffy fan she still would’ve loved it. However, she’s since discovered that having to spend time in weird places where creatures try to kill you (not to mention eat you) really isn’t as much fun as it looks on television and so she would settle for a nice trip to New Zealand where her lovely author (aka me) has assured her is almost completely zombie free!!!

Jenn: Do your characters go on any road trips? What are they looking for?

Amanda: There are no road trips in Zombie Queen of Newbury High but they do spend a bit of time in Chase Miller’s old Impala as they try and figure out a way to stop everyone in their senior year from turning into zombies.

Jenn: Describe your worst spring break ever.

Amanda: I grew up in Australia and so we don’t do spring break. Instead, at the end of your senior year in high school – which is normally sometime in November/December – everyone goes to a thing called Schoolies Week, which takes place at the Gold Coast in Queensland. Kids come from all over Australia for it, though since I lived in Queensland it was actually only an hour away from Brisbane where I was. I didn’t go at the end of my senior year but went the next year and it was just as horrible as I imagined it to be. Think thousands of drunk teenagers and then you get the picture. Bleurgh.

Jenn: Describe your best spring break ever.

Instead of going to Schoolies Week, a group of friends and I all went camping at a really nice place called Stradbroke Island. There was no bridge so you could only get there by car ferry and there was a whole heap of us, but no parents. It was loads of fun but also very relaxing at the same time.

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As St. Paddy's Day approaches...

I've reached the last milestone before Going Too Far is released on March 17: my Big Box 'O Books from Simon & Schuster!

One of these has your name on it. Just promise to review it and send me the web address of your book review blog (echolsjenn at yahoo dot com), and I'll mail you a copy.

In other news, several more review sites have been very kind to the book: Lauren's Crammed Bookshelf, Books by their Cover, Book Loons, Writer's Block Reviews, and Young Adult Romance Reviews. And be sure to check out Nocturnal Reviews, which reviewed the book AND posted a beautiful photo of the heroine, Meg.
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