February 19th, 2009

The Girlfriends' Cyber Circuit presents Jennifer Banash!


If you don’t belong here— you just don’t belong…

The Bramford building’s newest resident and small-town transplant Casey McCloy is adapting to life in the Big Apple and loving it. She’s got the look, the attitude, and a delish new boyfriend, Drew Van Allen. But she’s starting to have second thoughts as to whether the “New York” Casey is the real Casey. And she’s not so sure she likes herself much anymore. She’s not the only one.

Madison Macallister has always had her Manolo Blahniks firmly planted on the top rung of the social ladder—until that corn-fed cow Casey stole Drew away from her and made her look the fool. So what if Madison wasn’t exactly dating Drew at the time? She wanted him. And everyone knows that Madison gets what she wants, like Drew—and a little revenge.

Jenn E.: What would be the ideal spring break for some of your characters? The one they'd remember fondly for the rest of their lives?

Jennifer B.: Sophie, Phoebe, and Madison would probably go to St. Thomas or Cannes, and swan around in their tiniest bikinis! Casey and Drew would take a road trip driving cross-country--taking route 66 all the way to LA.

Jenn E.: Do your characters go on any road trips? What are they looking for?

Jennifer B.: Nope--my entire series takes place on the island of Manhattan.

Jenn E.: Describe your worst spring break ever.

Jennifer B.: Probably when I got Montezuma's Revenge in Mazatlan! I was sick as a dog and barely left my hotel room for the entire trip! It was truly a disaster.

Jenn E.: Describe your best spring break ever.

Jennifer B.: Hopefully, it's the trip my boyfriend and I are going on this March! We're driving up to Cayucos which is a tiny town near Paso Robles, and staying RIGHT on the ocean for a week. We're going to do a lot of wine tasting, beach-sitting, eating, and just relaxing. I can't wait.

Me in Big Sur on a recent roadtrip to Monterey, CA!

Learn more about Jennifer and her books at theelitebooks.com!