January 8th, 2009

The Girlfriends' Cyber Circuit presents Eileen Cook!


Thou shalt not kiss thy best friend’s boyfriend…again…

There is no greater sin than kissing you best friend’s boyfriend. So when Emma breaks that golden rule, she knows she’s messed up big-time. Especially since she lives in the smallest town ever, where everyone knows everything about everyone else….and especially because she maybe kinda wants to do it again. Now her best friend isn’t speaking to her, her best guy friend is making things totally weird, and Emma is running full speed toward certain social disaster. This is so not the way senior year was supposed to go.

Time to pray for a minor miracle. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s time for Emma to stop trying to please everyone around her, and figure out what she wants for herself.

Jenn: What would be the ideal spring break for some of your characters? The one they'd remember fondly for the rest of their lives?

Eileen: Emma’s dream spring break would be a chance to go to New York City. She’d love walking around the city, visiting a museum, seeing a show, going to a nightclub and eating a hot dog from a stand on a street corner. Her favorite thing would be to sit outside and watch all the different people go by. She wouldn’t leave until she got one of those I (heart) NYC sweatshirts.

Jenn: Do your characters go on any road trips? What are they looking for?

Eileen: My character Emma would LOVE to go on a road trip. She is desperate to get out of her small town and see the world. The only road trip she goes on is to the next town over because the place she lives is too small to even have a mall. It is at this mall that she ends up kissing her best friend’s boyfriend and that is when her trouble really starts.

Jenn: Describe your worst spring break ever.

Eileen: My freshman year of college a group of my friends were all going to Florida. My dad put his foot down that I was forbidden to go because he was certain I would get into all kinds of trouble if I went. (Which was a distinct possibility.) I remember I spent the spring break in my hometown in Northern Michigan and there was still snow. I could picture all my friends lounging around the beach having a great time while I was stuck at home.

Jenn: Describe your best spring break ever.

Eileen: Due to a strict father (and a lack of cash) I never had the big spring break experience. I do remember one year staying on campus with a few other friends. The campus was nearly empty and a friend had a key to the music building. We would go in at night and she and others would play music and we’d play hide and go seek down the empty halls in our socks. It was a great time.

Jenn: Bonus round: Send me a road trip or spring break pic of yourself with caption!

Eileen: Never let them get evidence on film is one of my mottos. Makes things much easier to deny that way!

Read more about Eileen at www.eileencook.com!