October 9th, 2008

...and what do you think of this?

Back cover summary. I wrote it last night while watching Forensic Files.


All Meg wants is to escape her excruciatingly small town after graduation. In the meantime, her above-the-law boyfriend and her wild class trip to Florida coming up over Spring Break are the only things keeping her from imploding. But before she leaves on her trip, one of her boyfriend’s pranks goes too far and turns Southern Gothic nightmare. She finds herself in jail. The only way to avoid prosecution is to spend Spring Break on night patrol with the by-the-book cop who arrested her.

Fine. She did the crime, she’ll do the time. If the cop gets hot under the collar cruising the night with a punky blue-haired girl-felon, that’s his problem, not hers. But her own personal boy in blue is younger, less experienced, and so much sexier than she imagined at first. As she falls for him, she explores why he’s as determined to stay in this town as she is to leave. She pushes him to the edge by questioning every rule in his police academy manual. And when he hits back, demanding to know why she can’t stand this straight-laced Alabama town, he will push her to the edge, and over...